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Lead generation corresponds to complex work on the website, in which payment occurs only for the result of the actual conversion of visitors into buyers.

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Lead generation is a marketing technology that involves the formation of a customer base with specific contact information. It has become widespread in the consumer sector, which focuses on specific target groups.

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It is easier to convert a heated interest into a lead using a “magnet”, which can be used as:

  1. Free training materials, books, courses and webinars.
  2. Demo versions of products (not only digital and informational).
  3. Sales, coupons, promotions, exclusive discounts.
  4. Audits, consultations, free services.
  5. Tests, check lists, cheat sheets and etc.
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Stealing client data is not good, and in many cases it is illegal. The only way to get those 100% legal it is to motivate the client to transfer them on their own. But client will not do that until he begins to trust you.

How to motivate the client to leave contact details and what does a lead magnet have to do with it?

First you need to interest a potential customer with the help of content. As you get to know him, there should be a desire to get even more useful, interesting and important – ideally even more exclusive information. Marketers call this process “traffic warming.”

The main characteristic of a marketing effective lead magnet, is its ability to solve one problem instantly. At the same time, the page should correspond to the classical 4U copywriting method, according to which the content simultaneously covers all the key decision-making factors – the uniqueness, urgency, usefulness and specificity of the proposal.

Lead generation is the collection of contact information for potential customers. You can search for potential customers yourself, but we advise you to entrust this business to professionals. By ordered the lead generation service from us, you are guaranteed to receive sales for a minimum period of time.

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