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Mobile game development

One of the fast-growing areas of development has become mobile games. A wide audience has formed at the expense of users who want to pass the time, and for some it has become a hobby. The development of a mobile games, however, like any programs, is divided into several steps.

Before starting the development, it is necessary to formulate an idea, this is a big part of success. In this case, it is necessary to consider ways to engage and retain users. That’s why, the game-playing process should be easy, but not primitive, and the level of difficulty will gradually increase.

After that, you need to select the platform for which the main development will be conducted. In the case of coverage of all available devices, the initial investment may increase significantly. Based on the choice you need from the target audience. The choice of the application monetization method also depends on the latter

VR games

The initial stages of creating virtual reality games are not much different from creating ordinary ones. A prototype is also being developed, graphics are drawn and gameplay is thought out. A special step in virtual reality is the deep thought out of the game management system. Due to the peculiarities of using VR glasses, it is necessary to prevent a possible manifestation of motion sickness, for this they try to bring the game physics as close as possible to the natural conditions.

AR games

This direction of development seems to be one of the most promising. Due to its features, mobile devices are a priority platform. The main thing in augmented reality is working with physical objects. Virtual add-ons must realistically interact with the environment. To do this, build a pattern recognition model, prepare a series of images with which the user will most often interact. Then they find on the images the points at which the marking and snapping will take place in virtual space. Also, a more detailed study of complementary objects by the designer will be required, because the user can use various surfaces on which it is difficult to achieve realistic additions.